About Us

Lisa Ghiardi - Owner

Spending time as a real estate appraiser I often had the opportunity to meet homeowners during the difficult time of selling and moving their home. Many homeowners were seniors with family members who live out-of-town and didn't have the ability, physically or mentally, to organize their belongings, deal with contractors, realtors, and movers who all have deadlines. Other homeowners I met were full-time working families who didn't have the time or the capacity to manage their move along with all the other things life was throwing at them.

Too often homeowners would say to me "I just don't know where to start."

I decided I wanted to be their starting point.

I enjoy managing and helping people move because moving and starting the next chapter of life should be an enjoyable, exciting time; something to look forward to.

It is my goal to provide expert, compassionate and affordable service for you and your family.

MI Moving Solutions is a move management company serving West Michigan Communities.

Our goal is to help make your move as smooth as possible.

We are committed to safety and ethics.

We want to take the stress out of the daunting transition process.

MI Moving Solutions is member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and has pledged to help with your move expertly, compassionately and affordably.

Call or email to discuss your needs and get started with your move!

616-219-0441 or info@MIMovingSolutions.com